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What We're About

Political Activism

We focus on furthering the goals of Liberty, fiscal responsibility and limited government. Decades of legislative experience allows us to work fluidly on behalf of elected leaders, government officials, trade associations, companies and individuals.


Liberty Tree Consulting & Strategies represent specialized groups to assist them in achieving their political goals. Liberty Tree Consults can help organizations both indirectly through counseling and advice and directly through hands-on involvement.

Enabling Success

A history of intense and successful political involvement allows us a unique ability to move issues forward. Whether it be navigating partisan schisms or managing political push-back, Liberty Tree creates the environment necessary for success.

Aiding Decision Makers

Drawing from decades of combined legislative experience, political involvement and personal rapport for success, we help legislators through the voting process. Beginning in the early stage of issue education to the mature, final stage of decision making, we serve as an active, knowledge source for elected officials. 

Community Building

Liberty Tree Consulting & Strategies hosts morning breakfast meetings for elected officials and political activists, centered around how to improve communication and teamwork in New Hampshire with a center right agenda. Meetings are held twice a month locally in New Hampshire.

Grassroots Support

Knowing our community is essential to improving our state. We are thoroughly involved with local communities across the state and play active roles as community leaders, understanding the wants and needs of the citizens. We garner support from the base level and grow success from the bottom upwards.

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"A limited state with free economic systems is the soil where the liberty tree blossoms."