The Liberty Tree Difference

Too often, Government Relationship Consultants are primarily or even purely reactive in their focus. These consulting firms are geared towards preventing harm rather than accomplishing a benefit. 

However, here at Liberty Tree, we understand and appropriately react to the many legislative and regulatory challenges that face businesses. Relying on reaction alone is the very definition of a lost cause, setting Liberty Tree Consulting & Strategies apart from the competition. 

Liberty Tree consultancy services implement a markedly different, proactive approach when advocating on behalf of our clients. We are not content to merely react on behalf of our clients. Liberty Tree helps clients identify and achieve gains. 

Of course, planning for gain cannot prevent companies and trade associations from having to react to potentially adverse regulations and legislation or misinterpretation of rules. Through well-developed research and advocacy skills and attentiveness to both the legislative and rules adoption process, Liberty Tree can identify and work to forestall antagonistic government action. 

Liberty Tree's principals, additionally, have strong connections with right of center advocacy and educational groups both in and out of the legislature. These contacts are enlisted on behalf of our clients to achieve common interests and goals.

Finally, there is a component of success that is unique to Liberty Tree - our superior judgement. This is the elusive quality that, when combined with our aptitude, creative problem-solving, strong communications and concrete experience, allows Liberty Tree Consulting & Strategies to shape all these necessary elements into a successful strategy.

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