Center Right Meetings

What they are

The Center Right Meetings are morning breakfast meetings that pull together extraordinary political minds that are seeking conservative and liberty solutions for New Hampshire. Individuals who represent a broad range of opinions and beliefs come together to exchange ideas and seek common ground. 

Invited attendees vary in position, including elected officials, committee chair people, former honorable officials, political advocacy group members, and beyond. 

What they stand for

The Center Right Meetings create an open environment for elected officials and passionate political persons to meet and discuss the political health of New Hampshire. They give a platform for groups and important individuals to express their views in a fair, precise manner when invited to speak. For all attendees, it gives them the opportunity to increase their knowledge on relevant issues, meet fellow like-minded persons, and network.

At meetings, topics that are often discussed include bills currently under review in the state legislature. Federal political events are additionally considered as they pertain to the State. Brainstorming how to further Center Right agendas within the state is at the forefront of conversations. Recruitment for future political races is reviewed, as well as regular presentations from advocacy groups that allow attendees to delve further into current topics.

Why they matter

The Center Right Meetings are the only regular meetings of its type in New Hampshire and is a valuable for individuals to come together, share knowledge, and create "Center Right" political progress in the great state of New Hampshire. The meetings draw a truly wide scope of both regular attendees and guest speakers, making them content rich and fresh week after week. Through these meetings, issues and ideas can be advanced with increased cooperation within party lines.

*Center Right Meetings are private meetings for invited guests only. No video or audio recordings of any part of the meeting is allowed without prior approval of Mr. William O'Brien or Mr. Stephen Stepanek.